Kamis, 17 November 2016

How Abortion Drug

Abortion is one model of the most common medical obat aborsi tuntas interventions in the world. Based on data from the WHO, each year 42 million women choose abortion for various reasons. Abortion is the most common medical procedures performed by women worldwide. However, many women do not have access to safe abortion services that endanger their lives and health. Unsafe abortion is a major cause of death in childbirth. 1 300 women die from unsafe abortions. Globally, 70,000 women in the world die needlessly every tahunnnya. Many other women suffer long-term complications such as infertility and chronic pain. Information on safe abortion can help save the lives and health of women, especially countries where misoprostol is easily accessible.

Tablets of misoprostol is one of the essential drugs included in the list of WHO (World Health Organization). These tablets can be used independently by the women to save his life. Misoprostol abortion method proved to be safe and effective. The success rate of 80-85% if done within the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. This method is much more secure than end a pregnancy with unsafe abortions.

How Abortion Drug

Misoprostol causes a contraction of the uterus and can be used as follows:

  • Safe abortion
  • Clean up the remnants of miscarriage
  • Prevent and treat heavy bleeding after childbirth
  • induction of labor

Misoprostol is not expensive drugs, widely available, heat resistance, and can be stored for years. In Indonesia, misoprostol is available in pharmacies under the brand Noprostol, Gastrul, Cytotec, Citrosol and Chromalux.

As you already know, safe abortion can be done by using the drug Misoprostol. Unfortunately, although many people already know, but many do not know how to use obat telat haid the right dose, or recognize any reactions and side effects of the drug. This is causing many people to panic and confused themselves, because they do not know if the drug is genuine or not, and whether the abortion was successful or not. So that you can better understand, you can check the infographic below. Remember, if there are no signs of reactions and side effects, the drug may simply false.